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I've made a set of questions that help me to handle my initial reaction when I think something is ridiculous.

Am I assuming someone else is doing something out of ignorance or maliciousness or an irrational decision making process?

Ten questions to ask myself when faced with someone’s belief or action that I do not understand:

  1. What’s the most generous interpretation of their belief or action?
  2. If I was doing or believed this precise thing, why would I do it or believe it?
  3. What concrete benefits do they get from their belief or action?
  4. What is more important to them than it is to me?
  5. What could they learn from what they are doing or believe?
  6. What’s one thing they probably wish people really knew about them?
  7. Because of what they do or believe, who can they connect to that I would have a hard time with?
  8. In what ways does their belief or action protect or comfort them?
  9. What's another way they could have expressed their exact same belief or action in a way that I could have understood better?
  10. In what practical ways does their belief or action actually work?